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This is so cute, I always had letters from Santa for my kids. One of their favorite things. I appreciate you sharing this on "I Gotta Try That Monday"

Free Printable Cards

Post some Santa greeting cards.

A Geek In Glasses

Thank you Marcie! I think it's so fun to see the tiny one's face when this comes in the mail. It's like Christmas all month with the letter and the Advent Calendar!!!

Thanks for visiting.


This is sweet...my goddaughter will love it!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

What a sweet idea! What could be better than a letter from Santa!


I can't figure out how to edit the address area? My Word won't let me do anything at all except print?


What kind of font did you use for Mr & Mrs Claus? I love it. I couldn't find it in word and I want the addressee in the same font.

A Geek In Glasses

The Capital Letters are in Mutlu Ornamental and the lower case letters are in ChopinScript both were found on 1001FreeFonts.com. I used a combination of the two because the ornamental font was too frilly for the whole name.

A Geek In Glasses

I think you have to download the file, not just open it in the Internet Explorer window.

I have found that in some cases the Word file has 2 pages, one that has the return address and the stamp cancel, in the second page has the address text box.
The address text box can be moved by clicking on the corner of the text box and dragging the text box to the top page, then typing the address in the text box.

I believe you can also add a text box by going up to insert, text box.

I hope this helps!!!
Please let me know. If it doesn't work I can email you the file - maybe a direct email will help instead of downloading.

Mary Ann Doughty

I love your website. I used to send my nephew a Santa letter when he was little and now I am sending him and his girlfriend one this year. They are both 19 and in college but I really like sending these letters. Also, I really love your envelope.

A Geek In Glasses

Thank you so much for the kind words on this letter. I hope your nephew enjoys his letter from Santa - you're never too old!!!


Great job on this. Best I have found on pinterest!

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